Get started with Coin

Welcome to the Coin app!

Coin will automatically convert the currencies displayed on your store to match the local currencies for your customers. Coin's manual currency selector will allow customers to swap currencies on the fly.

Before the app starts automatically converting prices, you will need to adjust some store settings. Follow the steps on how to adjust this here: Click here!

What to expect with Coin

Here's an example of Coin in action on a test store:

You can check out Coin's conversion functionality for yourself on our test store.

Coin Dashboard

From your Coin dashboard, you can simulate the conversion functionality from any country to ensure that your Coin app is properly displaying the correct currencies. The Preview feature will only work once you've followed the Coin installation steps.

Below this feature within the dashboard, you'll be able to configure some settings with the app as well.

  • The Status button will allow you to turn off Coin's conversion functionality on your store. 
  • The Display Currency Name button can also control whether you'd like to display the currency name next to the prices that display on your store.
  • The Conversion Rounding button will let you control whether you'd like to make all converted currencies rounded figures. 
  • You can also choose to Display Country Flags with the Currency Selector. This feature will only be supported on iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices.

Below these Configuration settings, you'll see some settings to configure your Currency Selector. Here, you'll be able to create a label to appear with the currency selector as well as choose from dozens of currencies to make available for your customers to choose from.

Once you've followed these steps to install the currency selector to your store theme and made some configuration changes here, your currency selector will be ready to go for your customers to utilize on your store. 

Before your Coin app will be able to begin automatically converting currencies, there are several installation steps that must be taken. There are two ways of doing so, as displayed in the screenshot below taken from the Coin app dashboard.

Expert Install Service: Want your Coin app fully installed and your currency selector styled to match your theme's style? For a one-time fee of $20 USD, our team can fully install your Coin app so that your auto-currency converting features are functioning and your manual currency selector box is set on your store.

Online Help Docs: The help documents listed on the left of the screenshot will guide you on enabling the auto conversions and manual currency selector on your store's code with helpful walkthroughs. 

If you have any questions about either process, you can always contact our Customer Success team from the middle box.

Once everything is installed and enabled, your store will be ready to convert and display prices for your customers no matter where they are in the world! *High Five* 🙌