Coin: Frequently Asked Questions

Coin is installed, now what?

Once you've installed Coin, you will need to adjust some settings before the app starts automatically converting prices. Follow the steps here to set this up: Install Coin.

Need some help? We have a fantastic installation service where we will install and set everything up, here's more information regarding what included and how to get started:

Why is there a delay before Coin loads?

By default, Shopify apps load after the page is generated, you can decrease the time Coin takes to load on your store by following the directions in this article: Decrease Coin's Load Time.

How can I add a currency selector to my store?

My currency selector looks off, how can I style it?

In some cases, themes can cause the currency to be offset and/or too wide. Here are directions on how to normalize the formatting: Update Currency Selector Formatting.

Can I link to my store in a specific currency?

Yes, you can display store prices in a specific currency by defining a URL parameter, here's how to set this up: Link your store to a specific currency.

Why do the prices revert to my specific currency upon checkout?

Shopify restricts apps from applying currency conversions at the checkout page. Only using Coin's currency conversions, product prices will revert back to your store's base currency at checkout.

Applying Coin's integration with Shopify's Multi-Currency feature will allow your customers to checkout in their local currency. Here are steps on how to apply the integration: Integrate Coin with Shopify's Multi-Currency feature.

How can I reduce the confusion among customers regarding the currency conversion?

The Coin app will automatically convert all prices to a user's local currency, however, once your shoppers hit check out, all monetary amounts will be shown in your store's base currency (except Shopify supported currencies).

You can add an informative message to the cart page to reduce any confusion, here's more info on how to set this up: Inform Customers About the Currency Conversion.

Why is everything displaying in strange prices?

Coin may display in strange prices if there are conflicts, you will need to remove any conflicting currency converter apps. In some cases, some themes already have them built in, you can disable them within your theme's settings. It's best to contact their support team for information on how to go about uninstalling their app.

Coin is not automatically converting the prices, what's wrong?

A couple of issues that could cause trouble with Coin's functionality would be not properly installing the app, other currency conversion apps or features installed on your store or theme. Finally, if you're running any VPN services on your device, that may also affect the Coin currency conversion feature as well. You can reach out to our support team with any concerns or questions.

Why do I not see flags when I select a currency from my currency selector?

You may not see flags in your currency selector because country flags are only supported on major platforms including iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac OS X and Android. Customers on Windows, Windows Phone and Samsung devices will see the currency name only.

Why am I not seeing a currency name near my product's price when I have Shopify's Multi-Currency feature enabled and using a currency supported by this feature?

Coin fully adopts Shopify's configuration whenever a Shopify supported currency is chosen/identified by the customer. Your store is relying on your theme to add in the 3 letter currency names. Most cases, adding the currency name next to the price will only work on currencies not supported by Shopify's Multi-Currency feature.   

If you would like the currency name to display for all currencies please reach out to us. We can check to see if we can manually adjust your theme code to always show the currency name.

Why does my store refresh every time I select a Shopify supported currency from my currency selector?

In order for Coin to fully adopt Shopify's Multi-Currency feature, Coin requires a refresh to properly display the correct currency to your customer. This is the normal behavior since a page refresh is necessary to use Shopify's built in conversion. This is because Shopify's Multi Currency feature uses Shopify's templating language, Liquid, which can only be displayed properly after a page refresh.