Get started with Uploadery

Welcome to the Uploadery app!

Uploadery will allow you to add upload fields to your Shopify store's product pages so that your customers can upload files and images with their order form.

Uploadery Dashboard

From your Uploadery App Dashboard, you'll be able to start adding and configuring some upload fields to your product pages.

You can learn how to create and configure upload fields by following this article: Click here!

You can learn how to add these upload fields to your products by following this article: Click here!

Your upload fields

After you've finished configuring your upload field settings, you can save your settings and then check out your product page. Below is an example of how the upload field will appear on a product page:

All uploads from your upload fields will appear as downloadable links within the Order Details within your Shopify Admin can be downloaded from the orders page on Uploadery's Dashboard. You can locate your files here.

In order for your upload fields to display on your product pages and for the uploads to properly register to the Order Details, there are several installation steps that must be taken. 

Customer Success Support: Don't want to mess with digging into your theme's code files to install your app? You can request the service on the Uploadery dashboard. Here is what’s included with the Expert Install Service.

Once the app is installed and you've added some upload fields to your product pages, your customers will now be able to upload files onto their orders! *High Five*