Uploadery: Frequently Asked Questions

Uploadery is installed, now what?

Time to get excited, you’re ready to to start setting up the app and creating upload fields! In order for upload fields to appear on your store, you'll need to assign them to products. 

How do I set up Uploadery?

First you will need to install the Uploadery code snippet and then start creating upload fields. Here are some great articles that will go over this process with you:

  1. Install Uploadery code snippet
  2. Create upload fields
  3. Assign upload fields to products
We also recommend adding the display of file upload details to your email notifications:

I’m having trouble setting up Uploadery, is there an Expert Install Service?

Yes! We are more than happy to help set up Uploadery for your store free of charge. 😊

You can request the service on the Uploadery dashboard. Click here to see what’s included: Expert Install Service.

Can I see an example of what Uploadery looks like on a product page?

You can see what Uploadery looks like in action by checking out our demo store: https://demo-shoppad.myshopify.com/products/red-sports-tee.

A customer uploaded a file and purchased the product, now what?

After a customer uploads a file and purchases the product, uploaded files are stored on a secure server and can be downloaded from the orders page on your Shopify account or on Uploadery's Dashboard. You can click here on how to locate your files.

How can I make sure my customers upload a file?

You can set Yes for Required Field in the advanced options of the upload field.

Why is there a delay with my Uploadery field when I open the product page?

By default, Shopify apps load after the page is generated. If you'd like to decrease the time it takes to load the app, follow the instructions here.

Why are file details labeled "uploadery_1"?

By default, uploadery_1 is the generated field name Uploadery uses for file details. This name is displayed at checkout with the customer's uploaded file.

Follow the instructions in this article to change the field name value(s) to better match your file(s).

Why is there a bunch of text at checkout after a customer uploads a file?

You can hide the file upload details on the checkout page by prepending the Field Name value with an underscore.

For example, changing "uploadery_1" to "_uploadery_1" will hide the file upload details.

Please note that this will only work if all the spaces are filled in with underscores rather than spaces. For example: "_uploadery_1" instead of "uploadery 1".

Why is the upload file not getting saved in the order?

Possibility 1:

There may be an issue with the placement of the install code snippet. In order for the upload file details to display properly in the order, the snippet needs to be placed within the form section of their code file. Refer to this article for more information on how to properly install the code snippet.  

Possibility 2:

In some cases, themes don't display upload files in the cart by default. Follow the instructions in this article to display them in the cart.

Possibility 3:

If your theme uses an AJAX cart, which is a type of cart that doesn’t make your product page reload, the uploaded files from your customers may not be stored on the order form. As all themes are different, we suggest you contact your theme's developer to see if there's a way to disable the AJAX cart.

Possibility 4:

If you have multiple upload fields with the same Field Name, they may override each other. 

I need to have a customer upload more than two files to my product page, how do I do this?

If you have a t-shirt business or a similar setup where you need your customers to upload multiple images (front, back of shirt, etc...), you can create multiple upload fields for the product page and create specific labels for each.

For example, if you need a specific image to be printed on the front and back of the product, you can create labels such as “Front Image Upload Here” and “Back Image Upload Here”.

The label field in each upload set allows customers to create specific labels to specify which uploaded file will display on.

I need to upload more than 50 files, is this possible?

Multiple uploads is something that’s on our roadmap, please stay in touch for any updates.

How can I display Uploadery on all of my products?

You can select Show for All Products when you assign the upload field to your products.

Can I change the order of how my upload fields display on a product page?

Yes! Follow the instructions in this article: Reorder Upload Sets/Upload Fields.

Can my customers upload a file on the cart page?

Customers can only upload files on product pages.

Can my customer see the image they uploaded before they add the product to the cart page?

You can display an image preview under the file upload field on the product page to ensure customers have uploaded the correct file.

Displaying an image preview is a great way to assure your customers that they have uploaded the file correctly, and that you will receive it once they purchase the item. Follow the directions here to get started.

Will Uploadery allow me to show customers the product with the uploaded file?

Uploadery will not show you a live preview on a product, but you can set specifications for the file size in the upload field.

There is an app from a different team called Product Personalizer that does allow live previews of images on products.

Does Uploadery work with Buy Buttons?

Uploadery will only work with the Online Store sales channel and cannot work with Buy Buttons. Stay in touch in for any updates.

Does Uploadery work with Quick View?

Unfortunately, Quick View does not support third party apps so you will not be able to use that feature with Uploadery.

How do I cancel my trial?

To cancel your trial, you will need to uninstall the app from your store. We provide a helpful article on how to do this here.