Set Up Coin

Thanks for installing Coin! Once you set up Coin your store will automatically convert prices based on your customer’s location. So for example, if your customer is in Mexico they will see prices displayed in Mexican Pesos throughout your store. No need for a manual currency converter. Nice!

Install the Code

To get this automatic conversion running on your store, you must adjust the currency formatting in your currency settings. This document has the necessary code: Install Coin. This video walks you through how to install the code.

Please note: Your store currency is the currency that is used in your Shopify admin. It's the currency that you price your products in and that's used in your reports. If you change your store currency, then your reports can be affected. After you have launched your store and have made sales, you need to contact Shopify Support to change your store currency. Click here for additional information about updating your store currency via Shopify.

Test this Conversion

If you would like to check whether Coin is automatically converting prices, you should use the preview feature in Coin's dashboard.

Inform Customers about Coin's Conversion

At this time, Shopify only supports several currencies at the checkout and they do not allow developers to add code or change the checkout section of Shopify, so you must checkout in your store's base currency. However, to help eliminate confusion, you can add a message to checkout alerting customers of the conversion.
Just follow the instructions in this article: Inform customers about the currency conversion. This will be a great workaround to help customers understand the conversions occurring on your store.

Exception: If your store supports multiple currencies by using Shopify's Multi-Currency Feature, Coin will work along with the feature to display Shopify supported currencies at checkout. Click here for more information about integrating Coin and Shopify's Multi-Currency Feature together.

Optional: Add Currency Selector to Your Store

Now that this is set up you can insert a manual currency selector if you would like. You certainly do not need this. Remember, Coin is already automatically converting prices without the manual selector.

You can find directions on how to insert this manual currency selector here: Add a Currency Selector to Your Store

This can be tricky and technical.  If you would like this selector installed into your store by our team of experts you should sign up for our Expert Install Service.