Remove the Shipping URL from shipping confirmation emails

Sometimes a shipping URL will display in the Shopify Shipping Confirmation email notifications for your store.

If you do not have the Tracking URL feature enabled, this URL will lead customers to the package's carrier website instead of your tracking page. We recommend removing this URL because Tracktor will already direct customers to the tracking page on your store. 

Make sure that you have added a tracking link to your Shopify email templates. This directs your customers to their individual tracking pages on your store.

Follow the steps below to remove the shipping URL from your email notifications.

1. Starting from your Shopify admin, click on Settings, then on Notifications.

2. Open the email template from the list below where you'd like to remove this shipping URL (Shipping ConfirmationShipping UpdateShipping Out For Delivery, and Shipping Delivered).

3. Copy the following code snippet.

{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1

4. Do a search using the keyboard shortcut (ctrl F or ⌘ F) for the code copied in step 3.

5. Remove the code shown below (starting with the {% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 line and ending with the {% endfor %} and {% endif %} lines).

6. Save your changes.