Automatically update tracking link to Tracktor URL throughout your store

Tracktor can automatically update the tracking URLs in Shopify to direct to your tracking page instead of the carrier website with its Tracking URL feature.

Important Note: This feature is not compatible with Shopify Markets at this time. Please do not enable this feature if you have enabled Shopify Markets on your store.

The tracking URLs will be updated in the following places:

  • Order Status page (example provided at the end of this article)
  • Shipping Out for Delivery email notifications
  • Shipping Delivered email notifications

Note: This feature will send customers a shipping notification immediately after their shipment is fulfilled with a tracking number and second email with a shipping update.

You can explore some solutions that are mentioned in this article.

Follow the steps below to start using this feature.

1. From your Tracktor dashboard, navigate to the Settings tab.

2. Enable the Notifications toggle.

3. Click on the Delivery Notifications hyperlink (shown above), and confirm that your Shipping Out for Delivery, and Shipping Delivered notifications are checked.

To add a tracking link to your Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation email notifications, you will have to follow these instructions.

4. Enable the Tracking URL toggle.

Once complete, Tracktor will automatically update the tracking URLs to direct to your tracking page for your Order Status page, Shipping Out for Delivery, and Shipping Delivered notifications.

Here is an example of an Order Status page where the tracking number's URL now directs to the store's tracking page.