Tracktor: Solutions to Tracking URL feature sending 2 emails upon fulfillment


Tracktor's Tracking URL feature allows you to change tracking URLs in Shopify to direct to your tracking page instead of the carrier website throughout your store. This URL is present in the Order Status page, Shipping out for delivery, and Shipping delivered email notifications.

Enabling this feature results in Shopify sending customers 2 email notifications when an order is fulfilled:  

  1. First, Shopify will send a Shipping Confirmation email which is triggered when an order is fulfilled. 
  2. Second, Shopify will send a Shipping Update email which is triggered when an order's tracking details are updated. 

This second email is sent because when an order is fulfilled, Tracktor will automatically and immediately update the Tracking URL inside the order. This tracking URL update counts as a shipping update which triggers a Shipping Update email.

This tracking URL is shown here in the order:


Sending out these 2 emails, Shipping Confirmation and Shipping Update, back-to-back may be seen as inconvenient. To remedy this, there are 2 main solutions.

1. Disable the 'Tracking URL' feature.  

This will avoid sending the Shipping Update email. This will also prevent Tracktor from automatically updating the Tracking URL on the Order Status page and in the shipping emails.

To account for this, follow these instructions to add a tracking link to your emails, remove the carrier link from your emails, and manually adjust the tracking URL for trackable orders to point to Tracktor and not the carrier website.  

2. Adjust the language in your Shipping Confirmation and Shipping Update emails

Adjust the language in these emails to make this shipping process more clear.

The goal is to make the Shipping Confirmation email notification sound more like a fulfillment notice (which is what it actually is), and the Shipping Update email sound more like an "Order is on its way" email. This should make more sense to the customer.

Follow the instructions below to make these changes.

1. Starting from your Shopify admin, click on Settings, then on Notifications.

2. Open the Shipping Confirmation email notification template. 

3. Adjust the Email subject line. (Suggested adjustment: A shipment from Order {{ name }} has been fulfilled)

4. Adjust the 2nd line of text. (Suggested adjustment : Your order has been fulfilled)

5. Adjust the 3rd and 4th line of text. (Suggested adjustment Your order has been fulfilled. It will be shipped soon.)

6. Save your changes.

7. Return to the Notifications page, and open the Shipping Update email notification template. 

8. Adjust the Email subject line. (Suggested adjustment: A shipment from Order {{ name }} is on its way)

9. Adjust the 1st line of text. (Suggested adjustment : Your order is ready to be shipped.)

10. Adjust the 2nd line of text. (Suggested adjustment : The following items are ready to be shipped.)11. Save changes.