Order Alerts: Troubleshooting Statuses

In the Tracktor dashboard, you can sort your orders and fulfillments by alerts under the Orders and Fulfillments section. 

What do these shipping alerts mean?

Shipping Exception 

The Shipping Exception alert occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. These exceptions may occur because the package was incorrectly addressed, a recipient was unavailable, etc. 

You can view the tracking information for additional details. 

Failed Attempt 

When a carrier has made an attempt to deliver a package. A Failed Attempt alert occurs if someone at the address is not available to receive the parcel. 

We recommend reaching out to the customer to help coordinate the delivery before the package is returned. 

Pending Details

When an order is waiting on the carrier to update with new tracking information. The Pending Details alert occurs when new shipments are added but are pending to track, or when new shipments do not have any tracking information yet.

We recommend that you check with your supplier to see if the order has shipped. If the order has shipped, please read this document to learn how to use Tracktor's carrier mapping feature.

Tracking Expired

When a carrier no longer has tracking information on an order. The Tracking Expired alert occurs when an order's tracking number has been deleted or 30 days has passed. 

Needs Attention

The Needs Attention alert occurs when we are unable to retrieve tracking information for your tracking number. This could be because the tracking was recently created and has not entered the carrier's system, or because the tracking number is invalid, or is associated with the wrong carrier.


The Cancelled alert occurs when the carrier has reported that the tracking has been cancelled. 

How to troubleshoot for the Needs Attention alert?

Check the order on the Shopify Orders section. If the order is not fulfilled with a tracking number, you can resolve the issue by fulfilling the order with a tracking number.

If an order is fulfilled with a tracking number and has shipped but is displaying Needs Attention, the order may require a carrier mapping to support carriers that are not supported by Shopify and as a result, display up to date tracking information. 

This document will walk you through on how to use Tracktor's carrier mapping feature.

If the order has not yet shipped, you will not need to take any action and the tracking information will be updated automatically.