Create Swatches with Infinite Options

Infinite Options supports attaching colors or images to options. If you have a product with multiple variations, this will allow you to display an image or a color of what the variation would look like. 

Follow the steps below on how to create swatches.

1. In your Infinite Options dashboard, create an option field within an Option Set. For a refresher on how to create options, click here!

2. In your first option field, select Swatches as the input type. Then, type in your Option Values

3. You will see an Add Image icon to the left of the values.

4. Click on that to attach an image or color to your option. You will be prompted to select a color or upload an image. 

Attach a color to an option

To attach a color, you can select any color using the color picker on the right hand side. You can also enter the color hex value (i.e. #FFFFFF).

 Then, click Save Changes and make sure to save your changes on the app dashboard as well! 

Attach an image to an option

To attach an image, you can click on Image Upload. Then, click on Choose File to upload your image.

The maximum file upload size is 1 Megabyte. Also, square images are the best for your swatches. 

Please note that at this time, GIFs are not supported for swatches.

Then, click Save Changes and make sure to save your changes on the app dashboard as well! 

Here is an example of how swatches would look like on a store's product page:

Now you know how to create a swatch option! Well done! 🎉

Want to customize your swatches' look? Click here to learn more.