My options aren’t showing

In this article, we will go over how to resolve the issue with your options not displaying on the front end (product page) or the back end order (Shopify admin). There are a few different tools you can double-check.

If the options are not displaying on your product page:

If the options are not displaying on your orders within Shopify Admin:

  • First and foremost you will want to make sure the application has been properly installed:
  • By default, Shopify apps load after the product page is generated. You may need to decrease the time it takes to load the app by following the instructions in this support article:
  • Sometimes within the product bundle feature the price add-ons have a cart conflict, if this is the case please reach out to our support team to further troubleshoot.
  • A customer could have removed the add-on line item from the cart but the details still remain within the parent product: